About us

SOM NATURALS was born in Calella in 1994 when Dora and Jordi, after years working in different fields, decided to create something different.

The idea is to create something special for the little ones in the house. Natural, comfortable clothing that never goes out of style. They use 100% natural cotton and natural materials, wood, jute, string...

For years they have moved throughout the country participating in fairs and craft markets where they win several awards for both the quality of the product and the decoration of the stalls.

In 2012 SOM NATURALS opens its store in Barcelona and begins a new stage with Victor, son of Dora and Jordi at the helm.

A short time later Claudia appears in Victor's life and together they decide to go ahead with the business making some changes. You have to adapt to changing times. New website, social networks...

The year 2020 is the year of great change, we decided to go one step further and change the fabric. Certified organic cotton woven in Catalonia. Thanks to sanforizing the fabric is very soft, fresh and does not shrink when washing.

All our suppliers are local. We care about local commerce, the environment and sustainability as much as the well-being of the little ones.

All our garments are designed and made in Barcelona.

The designs together with the materials used make SOM NATURALS a unique brand. With loyal customers for years.